Technical magazine EGE

The EGE technical magazine has been published since 1993 and by the end of 2018 it appeared in a total of 126 issues.

Topics addressed by the magazine mostly cover following areas of professional interest:

  • power industry, heat supply and energy management
    (power plants, district heating plants, energy plants, nuclear power industry, electric and energy systems, energy efficiency, energy savings and project realization and implementation possibilities)
  • economy related to power industry and technology in general
    (power source prices, energy strategies and alike)
  • technology, systems, installations, heating and domestic hot water heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and cooling equipment
  • gas and gas engineering, systems, installations and equipment and chimney-sweeping trade
  • renewable energy sources and eligible electric energy producers
  • ecology and environmental protection
  • electrical engineering, lighting
  • e-mobility
  • designing, handling, maintenance, research and engineering
  • control, managing, measuring and computer application
  • construction and thermal insulation regulations
  • rules and regulations, standardization, education and professional development, expert meetings and fairs
  • engineering and business ethics.

The magazine is entirely distributed by subscription, mostly throughout Croatia, but also Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia.

Magazine readership includes professionals who deal with topics from the mentioned fields in their daily work and these include in the first place experts from the field of power industry, employees of higher-education and scientific institutions and state administration bodies, designers, repairmen, fitters and power, thermal power, process and gas equipment contractors, installations and plants, equipment dealers and others interested in topics for any other reason.

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It makes us proud!

In 2003 the EGE magazine and the company as its publisher was awarded the respectable Hrvoje Požar Annual Reward for popularization of power industry awarded each year by the Croatian Energy Association and the Hrvoje Požar Foundation for significant contribution to popularization, development and improvement of power industry in the past ten years.