Join us at upcoming EM symposium

April 18th, 2019
Zagreb, The Congress Centre "Antunović"

Seminars ‘Possibilities of Renewable Energy Sources Application’ are held annually. They started in 2009, and for all those years have been held in Zagreb.

So far, the Seminars included topics from all field of renewables. The main topic of the Seminar in 2019 will be heat pumps and solutions for exploatation of energy from the environment.

Seminars is a central point for the gathering and exchange of knowledge, experiences and opinions of all those who in their daily work come in contact with issues that involve renewable energy and energy in general, as well as professionals from energy companies, designers, consultants and construction companies, representatives of the developers and investors, representatives of producers and traders of the equipment, devices and plants, representatives of the relevant state authorities and institutions, members of professional organizations, scientists and researchers and students from the higher education institutions and institutes and many others.

The common emphasis at the Seminar ‘Possibilities of Renewable Energy Sources Application’ is on the following topics:

  • new laws and regulations in the field of renewables
  • framework for the promotion of renewables
  • possibilities for financing the projects of renewables
  • further development of renewables in Croatia
  • the role of renewables in the development of Croatian energy and power industry
  • the problem of connecting the plants that use renewables into the power system
  • utilization of renewables for electricity and heat
  • new technical solutions for the exploitation of renewables
  • removing the obstacles for the broader application of renewables
    (facilitating the licensing and procedures for the acquiring the status of an eligible producer and etc.)
  • the role of renewables in the energy transition
  • the most important projects realized in the previous period.

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EGE technical magazine

EGE 1/2019
February 28th, 2019

The EGE technical magazine (which is the acronym of Croatian words standing for power industry, economy, ecology and ethics) has been appearing since 1993 and by the end of 2013 it appeared in a total of 101 issues. Its 96th issue marks the 20th anniversary of its existence. With that in mind the EGE magazine sees numerous improvements in terms of its visual identity and content in 2013.

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Internet portal


The development of the Internet Portal started in 2005.
In the six years of its existence it has seen many changes and upgradals. The Portal was first launched with a .hr domain, and after six years with the view of internationalization of the business we have changed it to a .com domain. In 2012 a new concept and design of the Portal with a richer, more focused content offering numerous new possibilities of target advertising was developed.

It is one of few portals in Croatia and its surrounding that on daily basis brings news from the field of energy economy, fittings, heating, cooling, air-conditioning, ventilation, renewable energy sources and environment protection.

It is intended for all who need the novelties from this field in their daily work such as investors, designers, contractors, equipment manufacturers, state officials, professional associations members, scientists and higher education students.

By bringing information to professionals, offering breaking news, related stories and other additional contents the Portal represents a service provider of all relevant information from the field it covers.

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