• Participants exchanged views and experience related to hydrogen technologies in general and to applications on islands in particular, and agreed to continue with exchanging views and experience, via personal e-mails, blogging and subsequent conference(s). Such networking can be used to benchmark hydrogen installations with the objective of future standardization of products and integration methods.
  • Participants agreed that there must be a role for hydrogen in energy future.
  • Participants agreed that islands are natural polygons for demonstration and use of hydrogen technologies especially in conjunction with renewable energy sources (RES).
  • No hydrogen demonstration project can be implemented without participation of local community. In that respect, information and dialogue starting at the planning stage is essential and followed up with communication and education during and after implementation. It is also important to visualize benefits for the local community and positive effect on employment and environmental protection, thus it is recommended to evaluate hydrogen projects not only from financial aspects but also from other aspects such as security of energy supply, environmental and social issues.
  • Islands with hydrogen installations/communities could qualify as Global IPHE projects. Explore this possibility with IPHE. Also, explore participation in HYRAMP, the newly established region initiative for hydrogen projects.
  • Participants from Croatia expressed interest to work together and to define a demonstration project(s) in Croatia and work toward its implementation.
  • In order to foster development of RES and hydrogen technologies and their use on islands and remote regions, special attention of governments should be appointed to introduction of new energy legislation and regulatory framework that will support hydrogen installations. In addition, it is important to be aware of applicable national and international codes and standards for hydrogen installations.
  • One of the key aspect of hydrogen demonstration projects is financing. Several routes will have to be explored, such as EU FP7, UN family of organizations, World Bank, GEF, various foundations, and ESCO models (for those projects that may be cost effective).

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