location_on Zagreb, Congress Center 'Antunović', Zagrebačka avenija 100/A
date_range April 22nd, 2021

Forums on Gas are held annually. The first Forum on Gas was held in 2002 in Stubičke Toplice, and then, until 2010 Forums were held in Varaždinske Toplice, while from 2011 the venue has been Zagreb.

The Forum on Gas is a central point for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and opinions in the gas technology and all related fields such as chimney sweeping, energy and power industry, construction etc. In other words, the Forum on Gas gathers all participants from the ‘gas chain’ and all of those that in their everyday work come into contact with the gas, the gas technology and the gas business: experts from the gas, energy and power companies, designers, constructors, fitters and installers of the gas equipment and devices, chimney sweepers, representatives of producers and traders of the gas equipment and devices, representatives from the state authorities and institutions and local government, representatives of the inspection bodies, members of professional organizations and many others.

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