Zagreb, Congress Center ‘Antunović’, Zagrebačka avenija 100/A
November 23th, 2017
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Join us at the upcoming Conference

Energy Efficient Lighting Conferences are held annually. They started in 2013, and for all those years have been held in Zagreb. A programme lasts for one day and is usually divided into three thematic sections (chapters).

The Energy Efficient Lighting Conference is a central place for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and opinions in the lighting technology and all associated fields. Accordingly, the Conference gathers everyone for which the lighting technology is a part of their everyday work or who come with it connection such as lighting systems designers and installers, the producers and traders of the lighting devices and equipment, representatives of the consultants, developers and investors in projects, owners, managers and maintainers of various facilities, representatives of relevant state authorities and institutions and professional organizations, representatives of the local government, scientists and researchers and students of higher education institutions and many others.

The common emphasis at the Energy Efficient Lighting Conferences is on the following topics:

  • possibilities of financing projects of the energy effective lighting
  • legislative and incentive environment for the application of the energy effective lighting
  • new standards and regulations in the lighting technology
  • the design and construction of the lighting systems
  • technical and economic analysis of the lighting systems
  • new solutions in the lighting technology
  • the most important projects realized in the previous period.