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location_onZagreb, Congress Center ‘Antunović’, Zagrebačka avenija 100/A
date_rangeSeptember 27th, 2018
Join us at the upcoming Conference

There are more and more energy efficient lighting projects in Croatia every day, which includes public lighting as well as lighting of public buildings, lighting of industrial, production and storage facilities, lighting of commercial buildings and lighting of residential buildings and family houses. At the same time, thera are more and more Croatian manufacturers of lighting equipment and solutions for energy efficient lighting applications, who can rightly cope with exceptionally strong international competition. In addition, energy efficient lighting solutions are increasingly associated with the holistic solutions of smart cities, smart buildings, and smart homes.

As every time so far, the Conference will bring together all for those the lighting technology is a part of the everyday business or for those who come in touch with it: designers and contractors of lighting systems and installers, manufacturers and traders of equipment and devices, consultants and investors, owners, managers and maintainers of facilities, state authorities and institutions and professional associations and local government, as well as scientists, researchers and students of higher education institutions and many others.

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